Update on the Anterior Hip Replacement procedure

I started doing the anterior hip procedure about 3 years ago after learning it from its inventor Dr. Joel Matta, who practices in Los Angeles. Now, after doing many hundres of anterior hips, I am even more excited about its potential.  I predict it will be the most preferred approach to hip replacement 5 years from now ( it takes a long time for a “new procedure” to prove itself, and have many established surgeons be willing to learn it and change from the way they have already been doing hips.

The biggest update is that wea re now doing larger, more muscular males as well. It is harder in these men, because we do not cut any muscles, therefore things get tighter when bigger muscles are “in the way”. With experience however, even the biggest men can benefit from this technique. My results are nothing short of spectacular when I compare every category of possible complications to the older posterior approach!  If you have hip arthritis, there has never been a better time to get it fixed. Please visit our facebook page deicated to this procedure at www.Facebook.com/AnteriorHipReplacements