Advances in Knee Replacement

The Best Knee Replacement

A quality knee replacement begins with a quality surgeon. There are many different implants in the marketplace with equal function. The implant marketplace is a lot like the automobile marketplace!  Is a Camaro better than a Mustang.?

Partial versus Total Knee arthroplasty - both excellent pain eliminators.
Partial versus Total Knee arthroplasty – both excellent pain eliminators.

Some people might feel that way, but they both will get you to the store on time! Most total knee systems are more similar than different. One unique aspect of knee replacement, is the rotating platform concept. I believe in this concept and use it in as many patients as I can.  I like the long term possibility of a longer lasting knee, as the cement bond of the implants is “unloaded” a bit by allowing stress and forces to be “absorbed” by the motion of the plastic liner.  I believe this functions much like the shock absorber on your mountain bike.  After doing total knee replacement for over 27 years in private practice, I have seen a number of knees eventually fail because of loosening between the metal and the bone cement interface.  Also, as we age, our bone becomes softer, so the bone of the proximal tibia is at risk of slight collapse or impaction with weight bearing.  Unloading the interface a bit by allowing forces to be lessened through kinetic motion of the plastic implant makes a lot of sense to me.  Clinically, it is very rare, if ever, that I see a loose rotating platform implant.  Knees can fail for a number of different reasons, including infection, fracture, and stretching of ligaments leading to painful instability. I thing the rotating implant also protects the ligaments from over stretch by the same mechanism. If some of each step force is absorbed by motion in the plastic, then less force is applied to the ligaments.

Uni Knee vs. Total Knee
Uni Knee vs. Total Knee = Both Mobile Bearing knees. The total knee has a rotating platform that will absorb some stress energy with each step.

Knee replacement is getting better. Find a good surgeon. Look for one that has done a “Joint Replacement Fellowship” which is an intense extra year of training under a world renowned joint surgeon, usually in a University practice.  I have done a Joint Replacement Fellowship at Harvard Medical College, and have learned from great masters of this art.  Also look for a surgeon who does over 200 joints a year. Like any art, surgeons can keep their skills up best if they continue to learn by doing.  Look also, for a surgeon who is affiliated with, or even better, runs a Joint Replacement Center. This is because the entire joint replacement process requires a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to make sure your end result is satisfactory in every way. This include pain management, medical management, and avoidance of medical complications like DVT, and infection.


With her new knee she can play tennis again!
With her new knee she can play tennis again!

Dr. Kozinn is the Medical Director the Total Joint Center at Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Hospital.  We are 5 star rated by Health Grades, who use log term analysis of complications to give their rating. We are proud of the quality work that we do.  If your knee is hurting, you owe it to yourself to come in for weight bearing X-rays and an evaluation. The good thing about knee replacement is that it is rarely an emergency. So you have plenty of time to think about and finalize your decision to proceed. But, you must start the process, so you can learn all the detail that will lead to success!  Also visit out Facebook page for knee replacement at for more info and testimonials.

Brenda had both knees and both hips replaced. She is now back to an active life!
Brenda had both knees and both hips replaced. She is now back to an active life!