Office Charges:

I am aware that “quality” specialty healthcare has become very expensive in our country.  In my present practice role, I have decided to NOT participate with traditional insurance plans, including Medicare.  I believe I can provide a better personalized service to slected patients in this way.  Please email Dr. Kozinn at with your specific request, and he will email you back ( or call you if you leave a cell phone number) to discuss the office charges in effect, so all  patients will know in advance what to expect, if theydo  decide to come for an evaluation in the office.   If you are over 65 and on Medicare, you should know that Medicare does not re-imburse you for my medical services because  I have  “oped-out” of the Medicare program (non-participating provider).  You can still be seen and will be asked to sign a “Medicare Private Contract” form, which allows you to pay for your own healthcare outside of the Medicare program.

Tom Clark is an IronMan competitor and personal trainer. He went home on the same day as his anterior total hip surgery!



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