Welcome to The Scottsdale Joint Center:   Dr. Stuart Kozinn is an ABOS Board Certified orthopedic surgeon with an international reputation for the highest quality orthopedic care.  His daughter, Dr. Rachel Kozinn MD is a specialist in interventional pain management and the treatment of any painful body condition.

Dr. Stuart Kozinn is a specialist in the treatment of  hip, knee, and shoulder joint problems and has additional expertise in total joint replacement related problems.   Stuart Kozinn MD has served as the Chief of Surgery at HonorHealth Osborn Medical Center and is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix.

Drs. Rachel Kozinn MD and Stuart Kozinn MD

Dr. Rachel Kozinn is an anesthesiologist who trained at the University of Texas Southwestern, and went on for additional training as a pain managment specialist. Rachel is presently completing a one year Fellowship in Pain Managemnent at the world famous Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. Dr. Rachel Kozinn will be accepting new patients for the care of acute and chronic painful conditions in July 0f 2023.

Dr. Stuart Kozinn is recognized as an expert and authority in all aspects of hip, knee, and shoulder replacement surgery including peri-operative care.  He has particular expertise in the “Anterior Total Hip Replacement” procedure, and all total knee replacement procedures. He is a recognized authority on all aspects of partial knee replacement surgery. His clinical experience includes the performance of over 9,000 joint replacement procedures over his 30+ years in practice.

Dr. Stuart Kozinn is now available as an expert consultant to give legal opinions and “second opinions” about  post total joint replacement problems, as well as on many other aspects of orthopedic surgery.   Dr. Kozinn has decided to stop performing surgery at this time of his career,  but he maintains an active license to practice in Arizona and still enjoys teaching other surgeons, residents, and medical students.

Please email Dr. Kozinn at SKozinnmd@gmail.com if you have any questions, and he will answer you as soon as possible. If you are a prior patient and would like a referral to another excellent orthopedic surgeon who is still seeing patients in the office and operating, please email Dr. Kozinn with your thoughts.   If you have a specific question, Email Dr. Kozinn at SKozinnMD@gmail.com and leave your contact information, and your cell phone number, if a call back is indicated.

Dr. Kozinn has served over 69,000 individual patients in Arizona over his thirty year career,  providing personalized and compassionate orthopedic care at the Scottsdale Joint Center.   Dr. Kozinn is the founder and past Medical Director of the original HonorHealth Total Joint Center located in the Osborn Hospital.  As the Chief of Surgery at the HonorHealth Osborn Medical Center, Dr. Kozinn worked to improve the quality of  surgical care for all patients. Dr. Kozinn has served as an expert medical consultant for the Arizona Medical Board, specializing in the review of complex issues arising after total joint replacement surgeries.  Dr. Kozinn’s training and experience has made him a recognized expert in  “standard of care” principles related to orthopedic surgical care.

Dr. Kozinn has been selected as a national Top Doctor in Orthopedic Surgery for many years.

Dr. Kozinn is a renowned specialist in total joint replacement and the surgical reconstruction of hip, knee, and shoulder.  Dr. Kozinn’s education includes Fellowship training in Total Joint Reconstruction at Harvard Medical School.  In addition, he completed his Orthopedic Residency training at Cornell/Columbia University’s (Top Ranked teaching program in the World) Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.   Dr. Kozinn’s credentials include active board certification by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, and he is a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.  Dr. Kozinn has a faculty appointment as Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix, where he teaches University of Arizona medical students anatomy, and clinical principals of orthopedics. Dr. Kozinn has taught orthopedic residents, and community orthopedic surgeons in local and national educational meetings.


Dr. Kozinn teaching students at The University of Arizona College of Medicine

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Excellent orthopedic surgeons are available for follow up care to Dr. Kozinn’s prior patients as needed.   These surgeons work at HonorHealth Hospitals, so they have access to prior operative reports and hospital records online.

Patient medical records remain secure for the required period after a last patient visit.  If you do need a copy of your records, Dr. Kozinn will have them sent as per your instructions.   (Note: Most often, the records that surgeons like to see are the hospital records, which contain implant information – Typically this “in-hospital” data is not part of the office clinic chart. ( Please see our printed Medical Records Policy below).

The Total Joint Center at SLHN: Osborn, where Dr. Kozinn serves as the Chief of Surgery.
Dr. Kozinn was  the Chief of Surgery at the HonorHealth Osborn Medical Center



Dr. Kozinn has a special research interest in partial knee replacement, and is considered an international authority on the topic. Dr. Kozinn’s research  and publications on the subject of partial knee replacement have become  important references for other orthopedic surgeons.  His well regarded paper published in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, is the classic reference to the surgical indications for partial knee replacement, which is also called “unicondylar arthroplasty”.

"Classic" JBJS reference on Partial Knee Replacement authored by Dr. Kozinn
Dr. Kozinn’s classic publication on partial knee replacement – as seen in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (JBJS).


Medical Records Policy:  Patient charts (all paper records) are available by request for retrieval.  (Our charts are not digital, and are stored in a separate secure storage area.  If you need your records we will copy them for you, but please be patient, as it may take up to 21 days to complete a copy request.   Please email us at SKozinnmd@gmail.com with requests for specific inormation. Please leave your contact information including your date of birth.  If it has been many years since you have last visited our office, some charts may no longer be available as per Arizona medical records storage requirements.  (Often older operative notes and implant information can be obtained directly from the HonorHealth Hospital Medical Records Dept, where they are stored for a number of years in an EMR system called “Chart-Maxx” )

PS: If you are a prior patient, your email to Dr. Kozinn at skozinnmd@gmail.com will serve as your “e-signed” medical records request/release form.

Teaching Philosophy:     Dr. Stuart Kozinn MD serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix.   Teaching clinical gross anatomy and the art of surgery is a time-honored process of  passing skills and knowledge from mentor to apprentice.  Dr. Kozinn emphasizes that it is important for future doctors to learn compassion, empathy, and to provide the best possible medical care they can for all patients.

Download Dr. Kozinn’s CV here: Stuart C. Kozinn MD. 2019 CV x

Dr. Kozinn preparing for the OR

Dr. Kozinn has authored many Scientific Publications on topics in orthopedic surgery and joint replacement.  He has also written a highly regarded international publication on Adult Hip Disease and Total Hip Replacement, which is co-authored and illustrated by Dr. Frank Netter MD.  Click here to see Dr. Kozinn’s illustrated work on Total Hip Replacement.

If you are interested in learning about the anterior total hip replacement procedure, please watch Dr. Kozinn’s educational video below: