Mario Gomez – 2 Anterior Hip Replacements

“Once I decided to go ahead and have one of my hips replaced, I wanted something that was going to allow me to recover as quickly as possible. I wanted to get back to my life!”

Dr. Kozinn used the anterior approach to replace Mario’s first hip at Scottsdale Healthcare, and the experience was even better than Mario could have asked for. “Everyone was amazing – the nurses, the physical therapists and of course Dr. Kozinn,” said Mario. “Even more amazing was my recovery. I was up and walking around the hospital floor (with a walker) only two hours after my surgery, and I drove myself home from the hospital the very next day!”

Mario-GomezMario Gomez had both hips replaced by Dr. Stuart Kozinn, after traveling the country in search of the best orthopedic surgeon to perform the procedure. Mario’s recovery was so rapid that he returned to Dr. Kozinn to have his other hip replaced, too! “Thanks for the best hip replacement I could get!”

Dr. Kozinn used the anterior approach for both hips, which had Mario walking 2 hours after his surgery. Mario drove home from the hospital the next day!

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