Total Shoulder Replacement

In the last few years, better technology and implants have greatly improved the results of shoulder replacement. Previously many patients suffered with chronic shoulder pain, because of fear of surgical failures. Newer implants in the hands of very skilled specially trained surgeons can now give great results! In additon to the classic full shoulder replacement consisting of a metal ball on the humerus, and a plastic socket on the glenoid (scapula); we now have the reverse shoulder replacement. the reverse is a remarkable advance that now will compensate for a deficient or chronicly torn rotator cuff. in the past, patients with long standing cuff tears had no good options, as the muscular cuff is what controls and stabilizes the shoulder joint. The Reverse TSR uses an anatomical trick to move the center of rotation of the shoulder distally, thereby tensioning the Deltoid muscle, which can no lift and rotate the shoulder without an intact cuff. Amazing! Please read more about the amazing shoulder replacement results at our Facebook page – Or come in for an evaluation!