Scheduled for Surgery

We have prepared this page to address some of the most common questions from patients scheduled for surgery. Gerry McCann in our office (480-994-1149) will answer all of your questions about scheduling!

Where will my surgery be performed?

Dr. Kozinn is affiliated with Scottsdale Healthcare, and perform surgery at the Osborn location. If you are having a joint replacement, you will most likely be admitted. Some of the anterior total hip patients and partial knee replacement patients can choose to go home on the same day if they wish to and they are medically stable after surgery. Most total knee patients stay in the hospital one or two nights.  If you are having an outpatient surgery you will most likely be in the main OR, but will be discharged to home about an hour after the procedure is done.  We will occasionally use the Greenbaum outpatient surgery center for selected cases. Learn more.

Review and update your medication list

Make sure you review and update your medications list prior to your surgery. We recommend that you put all your medications on an index card, which you can keep in your wallet or on your person. Bring this with you to your surgery.

We need to know if you allergic to any medications or substances like Latex, Iodine, or even any major food allergies like peanuts.  If you drink more than one alcoholic beverage a day, that is OK, but Dr. Kozinn needs to know about it before surgery so he can adjust some medications.  Our alcohol use protocol includes giving patients a drink with lunch and dinner if necessary to calm nerves and avoid any withdrawal symptoms.  If you usually take narcotic medications at home ( Percocet, Vicodin, etc) Dr. Kozinn needs to know about that also, as you will be more tolerant to the medication we give you in the hospital, and we may have to adjust our usual dose.   If you take hormones (estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone,) please let Dr. Kozinn know, as these drugs can have an effect on blood clotting.  We usually want you to stop taking estrogen or progesterone before your joint replacement surgery to decrease any risk of deep venous thrombosis (clots in a leg vein).

Please take any heart medication, or blood pressure pills as usual with a small sip of water before your surgery. Do not take aspirin or other blood thinners (Plavix, eliquis, xeralto, lovenox, Coumadin, any NSAID – Motrin, Naprosyn) before the surgery as they may cause extra bleeding. Ask Gerry or Dr. Kozinn when to stop blood thinnners. If you must take an anti-inflammatory like motrin or alleve due to pain, just let us know, and often that may be OK with Dr. Kozinn, as long as he knows about it in advance. It is unusual for there to be a big effect on bleeding with common NSAIDs, but it is possible, and we want to be prepared.

If you are a diabetic, your medical physician should help advise you what dose to insulin or metformin to take before surgery if any.  Usually, regular insulin doses are cut in half because we know you will not be eating breakfast.  Patients on long term cortisone or prednisone type drugs should continue on the lowest effective dose. You must tell us you are on these medications, because they need to be continued in the hospital to avoid side effects of withdrawal.

Obtain your medical clearance right away

Most surgeries will require a written medical clearance from your family doctor. Some patients need specialist clearance as well. The most common is “cardiac clearance” for anyone with a cardiac history, cardiac risk factors ( like older age, increased weight, family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain or irregular heart beat).   We can help set you up with a cardiologist if needed. They may recommend, and will often do a cardiac stress test – if you are at risk for cardiac issues. Once your surgery date is set, make appointments with the appropriate physicians to obtain your medical clearance right away! If your medical clearance is not obtained in time, your surgery could be delayed. Gerry will help you schedule this as well!  We have an internist that is available to do the medical clearance if you can not get in to your regular doctor, or if you are from out of town, or if you do not have a regular doctor.  Many patients choose to use our hospital based internist during their hospitalization, as most regular primary care doctors will not come to make rounds at Scottsdale Osborn.

Read the Pre-Operative Protocol

Please read and sign the pre-operative protocol that will be given to you in advance of your surgery.  We will answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to have a smooth transition into surgery.  If you are not sure about something, you must ask us!!!    The information we give you and the information posted on this website will also tell you more about the do’s and don’ts of preparing for surgery, and recovery from surgery.

Prepare the following items and bring them with you to the hospital:

  • Insurance card
  • Photo ID
  • X-Rays and MRIs
  • laptop, Ipad, cell phone – the hospital has excellent wireless internet access.
  • toothbrush and any stuffed animals you like to sleep with!

Get a good night’s sleep and just relax!

The night before surgery, get a good night’s sleep and just relax.  Dr. Kozinn is a top doctor in his field and has successfully treated thousands of patients before you.  You are in very good hands! Read more about his credentials on this website and scroll down our Facebook pages ( se link on the home page) to see many happy patients after similar surgeries!  DO NOT EAT BREAKFAST in the morning before surgery – this is because the anesthesiologist will not give you anesthesia with a full stomach due to a risk of regurgitation during relaxation.