Surgeon Education

Most patients are not aware that even experienced orthopedic surgeons are constantly updating their knowledge base, and attending educational courses and lectures.

I ( Dr. Stuart Kozinn MD) am going to just such a course today, held at Science Care in Phoenix.  This facility allows surgeons to use cadaver specimens to “practice on”, before using new implants in their alive human patients!  This particular course is being sponsored by DJO, a leading provider/manufacturer of Total Knee and Total Shoulder Replacement implants.  Their Altivate Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty system has some particular advantages in its modularity ( allowing customization at the surgical table for individual anatomy differences ), and the Empower Total Knee System has state of the art design and component bio-compatibility.  I particularly like the Vitamin E treated polyethylene components which leads to longer plastic life and less wear from oxidative degradation over time.   i will let you know what new things I learned after the course in my next Blog Post 🙂

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