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The Chief of Surgery Position

I was honored to be named the new Chief of Surgery at the Scottsdale Health  – Osborn Hospital starting January 2015.  People have become more aware of the importance of this position through medical drama TV shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “New York Med”.   My biggest job is inspiring and supporting the provision of quality care for all surgery patients. It is a big responsibility, as complicated issues requiring resolution involving the care of surgery patients ends up on my desk.  I am excited and energized to do my best at resolving  many issues that now arise even more frequently in our modern medical society. New healthcare regulations and requirements have many sectors in healthcare jumping to re-invent policy and procedures.  It is my ethical duty and responsibility to represent the patient’s best interests and uphold the highest quality care in our hospital.  I believe at Scottsdale Osborn we will always strive to provide the highest quality care during the coming period of more and more administrative complexity.

Dr. Kozinn was recently featured on the cover of Camelback Corridor Magazine for his leadership in orthopedic surgery.
Dr. Kozinn  featured on the cover of Camelback Corridor Magazine for leadership in surgery.

Administrative pressures leading to less personalized care are being brought upon us by government and the insurance industry.  In the face of this, we must do our best to maintain the highest levels of compassionate care.  I thank my supporters for their trust in me.  I thank my teachers for teaching me to “always try to do the right thing”.  I thank my patients for their amazing efforts towards recovery after illness and adversity has challenged them. It is a hard and challenging world we live in, and it is sometimes difficult to keep our attitudes positive. Yet somehow with grit and determination, the human spirit  rises above and continues to move forward.  As Chief of Surgery, I hope to inspire others, and I will work harder to make care better for patients at our hospital.

Dr. Kozinn making rounds with medical students and nurses at The Scottsdale Total Joint Center.

Stuart C. Kozinn MD / Chief of Surgery

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