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Total Hip Replacement



I feel the best total hip replacement procedure I can offer my patients is the new anterior total hip procedure. There are many reasons I feel  the direct anterior approach is a better way to do a total hip replacement. After 27 years of doing over 200 total hips a year,  I have seen and done all of the different hip approaches and I have years of results to base my opinion.  My anterior hip patients are up walking within one hour of surgery, and many have gone home on the same day as surgery. This was not possible with the older posterior and lateral hip approaches.  There is LESS PAIN with the anterior hip procedure, because no muscles are cut.

So many happy anterior hip patients like Ewa, have gone back to their active lives again!

There are a number of reasons I feel the best total hip replacement that I can offer to patients right now is the anterior total hip.   The anterior hips heal faster and get back to their chosen activities with less restrictions much faster.  Watch our video on the home page of this website to learn more about the anterior total hip.

Cementless Anterior Total Hip Replacements are better for all sports and earlier return to all daily activities.
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