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Anterior Total Hip Replacement Update

I continue to be amazed at our results with the Anterior Total Hip Replacement procedure.

The anterior hip replacement procedure is more accurate because it is checked under real time Xray
The anterior hip replacement procedure is more accurate because it is checked under real time Xray

We did two anterior hip replacement patients yesterday, and the immediate results (up walking soon after the procedure), is remarkable. I am reminded of this when my medical students see the relatively painless function of the patients so soon after they have seen the actual procedure in the OR. After all, we are cutting the bone ( removing the femoral head), and reaming the pelvic socket (acetabulum). Amazingly, due to the bodies distribution of pain fibers ( mostly in the soft tissues) these bony  procedures do not generate much pain.

Our patients often are up walking in the recovery room. This man went home the same day as his anterior total hip surgery.

I love the look in my patient’s eyes when they put weight on the hip for their first steps. Wow!, it really doesn’t many cases the preoperative pain was much worse and is magically gone! Patients actually feel better while they are walking, then when they are immobile waiting in bed to get going. We have many travelers coming to Scottsdale to have their anterior hips done here. It is difficult to get this procedure done in Canada and Mexico. The national health services in those countries does not incentivize their physicians to learn and adapt new techniques. I  visited with Dr. Matta in Los Angeles to learn his technique for anterior total hip replacement, and I have now done over 1000 cases.

So many happy anterior hip patients like Ewa, have gone back to their active lives again!

I love doing the anterior total hip replacement procedure, and the word is out, Scottsdale joint Center is the place to come for your anterior total hip replacemnt. We have many patients flying in from Canada and Mexico to have their joint replacements here in sunny Scottsdale.  We hope to see you in our office soon if you have hip, knee, or shoulder arthritis.  Welcome to our practice, and I am happy to have you as our patient!

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